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Product Launch of Legion AMP

Houston, Texas – PhotoSound Technologies is a leader in research, development, and manufacturing of specialized equipment for biomedical applications based on photoacoustics, ultrasound, and molecular imaging. The high channel count, 128- Channel Preamplifier, product is a high efficiency device that has been optimized for integration with the Verasonics Vantage System.

As data acquisition systems develop into revolutionary systems, research and developers need sources that can provide the most optimization for their research. PhotoSound Technologies Legion AMP addresses these needs by

delivering a high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for photoacoustic imaging. Built to satisfy the most demanding high resolution tomography applications, the LEGION series includes key features such as noise reducing variable gain amplifier, low power consumption and compact size. All LEGION products are enclosed in durable, high quality protective housings with customizable input and output connectors to match third-party hardware. PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. LEGION AMP is a high channel count, compact footprint preamplifier for integration with third party analog-to-digital converters; Boosting detection of small signals by +40 dB while minimizing background noise (high transmit voltages not supported).

Standalone AMP products are compact preamplifiers for integration with third party analog-to-digital converters and probes. The 128-channel preamplifier, featuring a high input impedance of 2.2 MΩ, is an ideal tool for parallel broadband capacitive sensing applications. With customizable inputs and outputs, signals for most third-party analog-to-digital converters used for photoacoustic detection can be amplified.

Key features

  • 128-channels

  • 40 dB amplification

  • 2.2 MΩ input impedance

  • 50 Ω output impedance

  • 40 kHz to 45 MHz analog bandwidth

• Cannon DLM260 input/output connectors

The Legion AMP, along with PhotoSound Technologies entire line of the LEGION series is commercially available now. Complete LEGION data acquisition (DAQ) units provide the highest level of functionality with up to two LEGION AMP128 and LEGION ADC128/256 integrated into one compact housing. For more information, visit

Further information about PhotoSound Technologies products is available direct
at or through an authorized PhotoSound Technologies representative.

For more information on this or any other PhotoSound Technologies products, please contact the sales service representative at:

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Product Launch of MoleculUS

PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. and Telemed, UAB are proud to announce their first jointly developed product. Pri- marily an ultrasound imaging device, MoleculUSTM features B(2D), M, Color Doppler, and Pulsed Wave Doppler imaging modes as standard clinical features. Additionally, MoleculUS enables photoacoustic acquisition and 2D imaging with 128 channels alternating between the ultrasound beamformer and amplified broadband parallel receive. The system col- lects photoacoustic signals while being optically or electri- cally triggered by the laser source and performs ultrasound imaging in between laser pulses. Raw data can be accessed in both modalities. The system comes with a software development kit (SDK) that allows customization of the device software and graphical user interface. There is a line- ar, as well as, a micro-convex probe available for imaging applications and the system is configurable for custom- designed probes.

MoleculUSTM enables real-time visualization of optical tissue contrast on top of the anatomic structure and func- tional information provided by ultrasound. The imaging sys- tem is designed for clinical and pre-clinical research that can benefit from co-registered ultrasound and molecular photoacoustic imaging. With a compact housing and USB PC connection allowing easy instrument integration, MoleculUS was built with the customer in mind.

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PhotoSound® announces the availability of LEGION

PhotoSound® announces the availability of LEGION high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for photoacoustic imaging.



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CORIOSITY wins the Innovation Award at Pittcon 2017

MISSION: CORIOSITY was awarded the Silver Excellence in Instrumentation Award for innovation of the year at Pittcon 2017

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Aspect Imaging Launch the World’s First Commercial Simultaneous Preclinical PET/MRI

Aspect Imaging, a life-science company, and Seoul National University’s Department of Nuclear Medicine are presenting a commercial product for simultaneous PET/MRI operation, the first of its kind, at the 2016 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in New York,

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