Photo Acoustic Imaging

Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence Imager

The TriTom™   Imaging Platform is designed for high throughput imaging of small animal biomedical models (mice and rats). It fits on a standard lab bench. Light-tight, interlocked enclosure allows for safe operation without the need for laser safety equipment while the status of the scanned live object can be monitored using the built in camera. The system can be customized and is available in the following configurations:​​

  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence Imager
  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence with tunable OPO
Data Acquisition Electronics

The LEGION  and FLASH series cover preamplifier, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and complete data acquisition units with high channel counts optimized for photoacoustic imaging as the highest priority. Key highlights include fully parallel operation for simultaneous data acquisition from all channels without multiplexing and compact size. Input and output connectors can be modified per customer request. Up to four complete data acquisition units be operated in parallel to enable 1024 data acquisition channels. Standalone preamplifiers are ideal for integration with third party ADCs and parallel broadband capacitive sensing applications (e.g. photoacoustic detection).