PhotoSound® announces the availability of LEGION

high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for photoacoustic imaging

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PhotoSound® announces the availability of LEGION high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for photoacoustic imaging

July 24, 2018

Build the best photoacoustic platform powered by PhotoSound® analog-to-digital converters, preamplifiers and data acquisition units

Houston, Texas, USA - PhotoSound Technologies, Inc., experts in imaging and data acquisition solutions, announces the LEGION series, high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for photoacoustic imaging. Built to satisfy the most demanding high resolution tomography applications, the LEGION series includes key features such as noise reducing variable gain amplifier (patent pending), low power consumption and compact size. All LEGION products are enclosed in durable, high quality protective housings with customizable input and output connectors to match third-party hardware.

The standalone LEGION AMP128 is a high channel count, compact preamplifier for integration with third party analog-to-digital converters and probes. “The 128-channel preamplifier is an ideal tool for parallel broadband capacitive sensing applications,” said Mark Little, PhD, Director of Business Development, PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. “With customizable inputs and outputs, signals for most third-party analog-to- digital converters used for photoacoustic detection can be amplified.”

Programmable LEGION analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) come in 128- and 256-Channel configurations with press fitting SAMTEC connectors for third-party probes or preamplifiers and high speed USB 3.0 connectivity to a PhotoSound or customer provided computer. Each ADC channel has its own integrated amplifier with digitally controllable gain. “With the built-in trigger generator and unique combination of optical and electrical triggers, ADC conversion is continuous with no buffering allowing up to 50 frames per second,” according to Dr. Little. Breakout boards are also available that connect each channel to industry standard SMA connectors for evaluation, testing and development purposes.

Complete LEGION data acquisition (DAQ) units provide the highest level of functionality with up to twoLEGION AMP128 and LEGION ADC128/256 integrated into one compact housing. “Each channel is connected to a preamplifier measuring only 2 x 20 mm and up to four LEGION DAQ256 units can be connected in parallel for an amazing 1024 data acquisition channels,” said Dr. Little. A software development kit is available for all ADC and DAQ units in order to integrate all system functions into third-party software.

The LEGION series is commercially available now. For more information, please visit


1 | P a g e 9511 Town Park Drive | Houston TX 77036 USA


Imaging and Data Acquisition Solutions

About PhotoSound®

PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. was founded in September 2015 in Houston, Texas USA to develop and manufacture new imaging products and technologies. Deriving its name from Alexander Graham Bell’s discovery of the production of sound by light, PhotoSound excels in research, development and manufacturing of specialized equipment for biomedical applications based on photoacoustics.

The company developed and patented the first commercially available imaging instrument based on Photoacoustic Fluorescent Tomography (PAFT) and manufactures unique data acquisition systems with up to 256 channels on a single board with the ability to run up to four boards in parallel.

Engineers and application scientists at PhotoSound possess some of the best expertise in the market with skills in tunable laser development, transducer implementation and complex analog-to-digital converter and preamplifier designs. All employees at PhotoSound are committed to provide every customer with the highest quality products and services with short delivery times and competitive pricing.

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Mark Little
Director of Business Development (713) 401-9407

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