Montréal, March 20th 2017.

We are proud to announce that ELEMISSION Inc.’s MISSION: CORIOSITY was awarded the Pittcon Today’s Silver Excellence in Instrumentation Award at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago, IL. More information about the award can be found in the March 7th edition of Pittcon Today. Pittcon is a leading yearly laboratory science conference for instrumentation in analytical chemistry.

ELEMISSION’s newest machine, MISSION: CORIOSITY, was unveiled at Pittcon 2017. CORIOSITY is a brand-new LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) elemental imager. Most noteworthy, it is capable of scanning 1 cm² with a spatial resolution of 50 µm in less than 40 seconds, 100 times faster than its competitor, the LA-ICP-MS for surface elemental imaging. This innovative instrument allows for simultaneous multi-elemental imaging and study for routine analysis, as well as for more demanding analytical developments.

ELEMISSION CORIOSITY LIBS laser analysis Pittcon 2017

Image 1: An example of a CORIOSITY scan.

Commenting on the creation of CORIOSITY, ELEMISSION CEO François Doucet stated, “[we were] faced with many challenges to come up with an innovation that will change the field of elemental imaging. The analysis throughput brought by the game changing technology of CORIOSITY enables many applications for elemental surface imaging. This instrument creates a brand new way to create high resolution elemental images, because current ultra-high resolution elemental imaging technologies are time-consuming, requiring sample preparation.”

ELEMISSION CORIOSITY LIBS laser Pittcon Winners 2017

Image 2: The ELEMISSION team with the award at our booth at Pittcon 2017.

François further continues, “the mining exploration industry is currently looking for a technology that can digitize drill core samples with the selectivity of physicochemical properties provided by CORIOSITY, which helps interpretation by geologists at the same time. The application of CORIOSITY’s technology can useful also in pharmaceutics, biological imaging, forensics, metallurgy, and many other fields.”

ELEMISSION continues to develop and improve breakthrough LIBS technology, helping industries solve real-time analytical problems. You can learn more about ELEMISSION’s product lines by contacting us. Ask us how our products can help your research and analysis!

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