CORIOSITY: Rock Core Imaging System

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MISSION:CORIOSITY is the ultimate innovation in elemental imaging instrumentation. It provides the elemental mapping with higher resolution than the best Scanning Electronic Microscope equipped with Energy Dispertive X-ray Spectroscopy. MISSION:CORIOSITY maps efficiently light elements.Core samples coming from mining exploration can be resolved down to 10 microns for Au, S, P, C, B, Al and many more.

The key features of the CORIOSITY are as following:

  • Resolution between 50 to 100 μm

  • Analysis speed up to 1000 Hz

  • Analyze any metal and any non-conducting material in many shapes and forms

Laser-Induced Breakdown (Atomic Emission) Spectrometry (LIBS) analysis is, by far, the fastest technology with 50 μm spatial resolution currently on the market. It has the following advntages:

  • Surgical: Resolution between 50 to 100 μm can be achieved on a routine basis

  • Versatility: Analysis of any metal and any non-conducting material in many shapes and forms

  • Adaptability: Accommodate sample roughness up to 4 mm

  • Speed: Real time analysis at 40 sec/cm2 at highest resolution

  • Range: From trace (sub-ppm) to percent concentration levels

  • Accuracy: Certified type standards – accuracy nominally better than 1% relative

  • Simplicity: No sample preparation

  • Savings: Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and low operating costs

Technical Specifications


SIMPET application- Neuroinflammation