12Z Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

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The new model 12Z Eddy Current Conductivity Meter for metals supercedes the previous model (DC-11M). With a large graphic LCD display, it is easy to use and has a small diameter sensor (10mm) which provides exceptional lift-off compensation allowing measurements in small painted samples. When measuring conductivity the model 12Z also displays the approximate coating thickness which provides more useful information about the measurement.

Conductivity measurements are returned in %IACS (Percentage of International Annealed Copper Standard) units. The conductivity of copper is approximately 100 %IACS at 20°C.

The instrument is calibrated against international standards (Boeing) and measures non-destructively based on the Eddy Current principle.

Key Differentiation Features:

Ready to use as soon as turned on

Other units require warm-up and 2 point or 3 point calibration as well as input of other parameters such as thermal drift values.

Single point calibration for automatic temperature compensation

In a single operation the instrument will show the conductivity already compensated to 20°C based on a standard with a conductivity close to that of the target material. This simplifies and speeds up the measurement procedure. This method also ensures accurate readings regardless of operator.

Simultaneous lift-off readout

The 12Z shows the approximate lift-off reading on the display in μm which can be used to estimate paint thickness.

Easiest to use

Of all the instruments in the market, the ​12Z​ is the easiest to use and least prone to operator error. With the 12Z training takes only a few minutes, saving staff time. Since the instrument comes calibrated with its own sensor there is no possibility of mistakes due to the complex procedures for the set-up of a new probe. If a probe needs to be fitted we at ZAPPITEC will make sure the instrument readings are precise before shipping it back to the customer.

Very long battery life

The ​12Z​ employs regular AA alkaline batteries which are easy to replace. This allows the instrument to perform without interruption and without need for recharging, and keep full mobility by not needing a power point.


✓ Alloy​ ​sorting
✓ Conductivity​ ​measurement​ ​on​ ​8mm​ ​copper​ ​rod​ ​(with​ ​7.5​ ​mm​ ​sensor) ✓ Heat​ ​treatment​ ​verification
✓ Aerospace​ ​maintenance
✓ Metal​ ​purity​ ​evaluation
✓ Quality​ ​control​ ​of​ ​raw​ ​materials​ ​or​ ​finished​ ​parts
✓ Coating​ ​thickness​ ​evaluation