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High Resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy and Computed Tomography

The CT-NANO is a fully operating scanning electron microscope with capabilities of Nano-CT measurements on specimen like light-metal-alloys and fiber composites.

It delivers Voxel-sizes in ranges from 30nm to 10 μm, a geometrical magnificationup to 50nm (FWHM) and a maximum photon energy of 30 keV. An EDS-Detector provides an additional correlation between XRF signal of specimen and reconstructed volume of the CT-NANO.

The groundbreaking tool will help our users to explore new possibilities for visualisation with 3D X-ray imaging for materials research, life sciences, natural resources and industrial applications.

First NanoCT

Development of a NanoCT System for imaging of three dimensional structures in nano scale regime with special focus on materials characterization of metallic micro structures.


Significantly better performance and results than standard submicron CT. NanoCT provides better than polishcut images - 3D Data about precise volume information e.g. of different phases.

Technical Specifications


Evaluation of lamellar eutectic structure