LIBS Technology

Echelle Spectrometer

IRIS Spectrometer

Designed for Mars, unique combination of high bandwidth and high resolution in one instrument

CORIOSITY: Rock Core Imaging System

MISSION:CORIOSITY is the ultimate innovation in elemental imaging instrumentation. It provides the elemental mapping with higher resolution than the best Scanning Electronic Microscope equipped with Energy Dispertive X-ray Spectroscopy. MISSION:CORIOSITY maps efficiently light elements.Core samples coming from mining exploration can be resolved down to 10 microns for Au, S, P, C, B, Al and many more.

Z118: Bench-top element analyser

Z118 is the ultimate routine benchtop elemental analyzer currently on the market. Z118’s unique platform allows it to fulfill the most demanding customer needs of reproducibility, robustness, precision, accuracy, and sensitivity. It enables direct analysis of solid samples (e.g. iron, aluminum, rocks, etc.) without mechanical sample preparation, to remove the sample’s oxide layer (like is the case with Spark-OES). Sensitivity from high ppb to mass percent is achievable on a routine basis with many different materials. Z118 allows laboratory analysis – in matter of seconds per sample – for quality and process control. This innovative instrument conducts simultaneous multi-elemental analysis for routine work, as well as for the most demanding analytical developments.

MISSION:SORT- Metal Sorting System

MISSION:SORT has been designed for high throughput sorting as well as roughed process analyzer for recycling or for metallurgical transformation. MISSION:SORT is the first sensor for recycling that reaches more than 100 measurements per second. Moreover, it can resolve small chemical differences within the same alloy base (i.e. aluminum 6111, 6061, etc). In addition, SORT does not emit ionizing electromagnetic radiation such X-Rays and Gamma-Rays