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Inspired by R&D for the ExoMars mission to Mars, SPECTRAL Industries developed a very efficient and robust spectrometer for application on Earth.  The unique technology offers space technology quality hardware, that can be used under a wide range of conditions. Ideal for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy research and applications, but also for fluorescence or Raman spectroscopy.

If you need reliable characterization in a flexible, robust package, this is your spectrometer!  It features proven better signal-to-noise-ratio than leading competitors and is ready for any environment from the field to the factory.


A complete LIBS system for laboratory and research environment use can be built based on our IRIS UV spectrometer , a basic configuration will be Comprised of:

  • Our IRIS UV spectrometer
  • A nano second pulsed laser
  • A pulse delay generator for gated LIBS measurements
  • Laser focusing and signal collection optics
  • Automated 3-axis translation stages for sample scanning
  • Software for hardware operation and spectrum analysis

Many of the components are flexible for the best user experience, for instance the laser pulse energy.Please contact us to configure the ideal LIBS setup for your research.



  • Echelle type spectrometer: unique combination of high bandwidth and high resolution in one instrument
  • High throughput / efficiency compared to other echelle spectrometers: lower detection limits or shorter integration time
  • All components selected and designed to work together harmoniously, while maintaining flexibility for OEM customization
  • Robust design, very low temperature influence and able to withstand harsh environments
  • Can be applied to combine Raman and LIBS functionality in one instrument: both molecular and element information from one instrument
  • Calibration software available, fully automated calibration under development
  • Spectrometer suited for 180 – 800 nm, deep-UV CMOS camera available

Technical Specifications

Spectral range 180 – 800 nm
Resolution 0.07 – 0.3 nm  (@ 180 – 800 nm and in combination with 10 x 100 µm slit size)
F-number f/2
Slit size 25 x 100 µm2 (adaptable)
Wavelength stability < 5 pm/K
Size 220 x 195 x 80 mm3 (incl. camera)
Weight 3 kg (incl. camera)
Camera CMOS detector based