Z118: Bench-top element analyser

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Z118 is the ultimate routine benchtop elemental analyzer currently on the market. Z118’s unique platform allows it to fulfill the most demanding customer needs of reproducibility, robustness, precision, accuracy, and sensitivity. It enables direct analysis of solid samples (e.g. iron, aluminum, rocks, etc.) without mechanical sample preparation, to remove the sample’s oxide layer (like is the case with Spark-OES). Sensitivity from high ppb to mass percent is achievable on a routine basis with many different materials. Z118 allows laboratory analysis – in matter of seconds per sample – for quality and process control. This innovative instrument conducts simultaneous multi-elemental analysis for routine work, as well as for the most demanding analytical developments.


Laser-Induced Breakdown (Atomic Emission) Spectrometry (LIBS) analysis is, by far, the fastest technology with 50 μm spatial resolution currently on the market. It has also the following advantages:

  • Versatility: LIBS can analyse any metal and any non-conducting material in different shapes and forms

  • Adaptability: LIBS can dry, clean, and analyse materials with paint, dirt, oxide, water, etc.

  • Speed: A single LIBS analysis takes less than 0.01 seconds (10 milliseconds, or 100 Hz) or faster

  • Range: LIBS ranges from trace (sub-ppm) to percent concentration levels

  • Accuracy: With certified type standards, LIBS accuracy is nominally better than 1% relative

  • Simplicity: LIBS requires no sample preparation

  • Savings: LIBS has a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and low operating costs

Technical Specifications


SIMPET application- Neuroinflammation