We provide innovative solution focusing on material analysis and automated process control in mining and Oil/gas exploration

Life Science

We provide solution focusing on preclinical imaging, cancer research and Drug development


In this independent business unit, we provide solution for otoscope imaging, intraoral imaging(dental), and 3D scanning(dental) to our clinical customers in Germany.

We provide innovative solutions -with you, for you

In Aspectus, we're thrilled to bring the latest technology to our customers to help them tackling he most challenge problems.


We provide innovative solutions to our customers mainly in the following application segment 


Clinical Research

  • Preclinical Imaging
  • MR Histology
  • Stem cell research
  • Protein-DNA interactions



  • Brain imaging
  • Stroke model analysis
  • Brain Injury study
  • Brain cancer research



  • Subcutaneous tumor measurements
  • Tumor Detection and Model Characterization
  • Monitoring Therapeutic Response
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Contrast Agent Development



  • Drug discovery & Development
  • Protein-Antibody interactions
  • Drug-Receptor


Material Science

  • Material Analysis
  • Rock-core imaging 
  • Metal Sorting


Process monitoring and control

  • Online monitoring of the chemical composition
  • Metal recycling
  • Mining: Process monitoring/ Ore sorting
  • Oil and Gas: Real-time Rheology

Latest News

Product Launch of MoleculUS

PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. and Telemed, UAB are proud to announce their first jointly developed product. Pri- marily an ultrasound imaging device, MoleculUSTM features B(2D), M, Color Doppler, and Pulsed Wave Doppler imaging modes as standard clinical features. Additionally, MoleculUS enables photoacoustic acquisition and 2D imaging with 128 channels alternating between the ultrasound beamformer and amplified broadband parallel receive. The system col- lects photoacoustic signals while being optically or electri- cally triggered by the laser source and performs ultrasound imaging in between laser pulses. Raw data can be accessed in both modalities. The system comes with a software development kit (SDK) that allows customization of the device software and graphical user interface. There is a line- ar, as well as, a micro-convex probe available for imaging applications and the system is configurable for custom- designed probes.

MoleculUSTM enables real-time visualization of optical tissue contrast on top of the anatomic structure and func- tional information provided by ultrasound. The imaging sys- tem is designed for clinical and pre-clinical research that can benefit from co-registered ultrasound and molecular photoacoustic imaging. With a compact housing and USB PC connection allowing easy instrument integration, MoleculUS was built with the customer in mind.

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PhotoSound® announces the availability of LEGION

PhotoSound® announces the availability of LEGION high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for photoacoustic imaging.



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CORIOSITY wins the Innovation Award at Pittcon 2017

MISSION: CORIOSITY was awarded the Silver Excellence in Instrumentation Award for innovation of the year at Pittcon 2017

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