Preclinical Imaging

Simultaneous PET/MRI

Aspect SimPETTM

The world’s first complete and most cost-effective permanent magnet simultaneous PET/MRI solution for preclinical research

Compact MRI system

The M3™ compact, high-performance, one-touch MRI system is the smallest of Aspect Imaging’s M-series and is intended for dedicated imaging of mice. The M3 enables to generate high-resolution 3D anatomical, functional and molecular images with a “bore” size optimized for mice. The M3’s small bore correlates to a smaller total size (footprint), lighter weight, and lower MRI machine cost. The system can be uniquely placed behind the bio-containment barrier for in vivo imaging. In addition to its comprehensive suite of applications for mouse phenotyping, Aspect Imaging’s LumiQuant™ package for generation of 3D tomographic quantification of luminescence and co-registration with compact MR is optimized for use on the M3 platform.

Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence Imager

the PAFT system is designed for high throughput imaging of small animal biomedical models (mice and rats). It fits on a standard lab bench. Light-tight, interlocked enclosure allows for safe operation without the need for laser safety equipment while the status of the scanned live object can be monitored using the built in camera. The system can be customized and is available in the following configurations:​​

  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence Imager
  • Photoacoustic/ Fluorescence with tunable OPO
Subcutenoeous tumor scanning device

TumorImager 2TM is our next generation scanner for subcutaneous tumor measurements on small lab animals.  It uses a unique structured light imaging system to capture both a 3D surface profile and a color image.  The result is a one-of-a-kind record of tumor shape and color.  The patented algorithms can also isolate a tumor in the recorded image and calculate the volume or area.  When interfaced to TumorManager 2TM this leads to a simple but robust, data-verified measurement system that offers speed, accuracy and flexibility.